Well our season is over and everybody on the Team are doing their mod's to be ready for next year!!!  I know that Chris, Devyn, Nick and Steven are going to have a surprise for everybody by the time we start a new season!!!

Thanks for following us and hanging out, we appreciate all the support everybody has offered us this season!!! 


MDR family, friends and fans, please welcome our newest racer!  Olin Thomas has joined us and races the Motorcycle class!  If folks can help us get 20 bike racers, Wilkesboro Dragway said they would host a bike class at their track!  Olin currently races at Farmington where they do have a bike class.  MDR is always looking for additions to the "Family" and we love female as well as male racers.  Please email us for info and details about joining us at MDR!  

Check out our new YouTube channel on our Video page!

            Mountain Drag Racing

Please continue to follow us as we grow, mature, conquer and pursue our drag racing dreams!

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